CBN Powder

Cubic boron nitride powder has unparalleled grinding characteristics of ordinary abrasives: high hardness, wear resistance, excellent thermal stability and chemical inertness to iron-based elements. It is widely used in resins, metals, ceramics and other bond system products.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a synthetic superhard material with hardness second only to diamond. It not only possesses many excellent properties of diamond, but also has higher thermal stability and chemical inertness to iron-based metals and their alloys.

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) powder has irregular and regular single crystals in different styles, black or amber. It has good thermal stability and high toughness, strength stability. It is suitable for manufacturing vitrified bond tools and polishing superhard materials. It includes black cubic boron nitride powder and amber CBN powder.

Cubic boron nitride powder is used in precision grinding, grinding, polishing and super-finishing to achieve high-precision processing surfaces. It is suitable for resin, metal, ceramic and other binder systems, and can also be used to produce polycrystalline composite sheet sintered bodies, and can also be used as loose abrasive grains and abrasive pastes.

Black cubic boron nitride has excellent chemical and physical properties, such as high hardness, high thermal stability and chemical inertness second only to diamond. As a super-hard abrasive, it has been widely used in processing fields in different industries, and it is now becoming Indispensable and important materials for industries such as automobiles, aerospace, mechanical electronics, microelectronics, etc., which have also received great attention from industrialized countries.

Features and Advantages of Cubic Boron Nitride Powder
  • 1. It has high hardness, high wear resistance and good thermal stability. Suitable for processing hardened steel series parts.
  • 2. Good impact resistance, suitable for processing high hardness materials.
  • 3. High hardness, excellent wear resistance, high-speed continuous cutting.
Application of CBN Powder
  • 1. High-speed machining of precision car brake discs, brake discs and engine cylinder liners, gray iron, ductile iron, vermicular graphite cast iron and other parts.
  • 2. Intermittent, continuous, medium and high speed, semi-precision and precision turning, high-speed steel, gears, bearing rolls, carburizing and surfacing welding and other parts processing.
  • 3. Intermittent, low and medium speed, rough processing, high chromium, high nickel, alloy cast iron, chilled cast iron and high-speed continuous processing of gray cast iron, boron cast iron ball, graphite cast iron, heat-resistant alloy titanium alloy and other materials.
  • 4. Grinding and polishing of ferrous metals.

Huanghe Whirlwind has over 30 years CBN powder manufacturing experience, which offers types of cubic boron nitride powder for sale, such as CBN micron powder, black and amber CBN with ISO & CE certificates. Product quality and performance are our two main advantages. Contact us for free quotation through E-mail, Whatsapp or online chatting at any time!


CBN Available Granularity
  CBN-A10 CBN-A20 CBN-B10 CBN-B20 CBN-C10 CBN-C20
30/35-50/60 Y Y Y Y Y Y
60/70 Y Y Y Y Y Y
70/80 Y Y Y Y Y Y
80/100 Y Y Y Y Y Y
100/120 Y Y Y Y Y Y
120/140 Y Y Y Y Y Y
140/170 Y Y Y Y Y Y
170/200 Y Y Y Y Y Y
200/230 Y Y Y Y Y Y
230/270 Y Y Y Y Y Y
270/325 Y Y Y Y Y Y
325/400 Y Y Y Y Y Y
400/500 Y Y Y Y Y Y


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