Coated CBN Powder

Coated CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) powder is a specialized abrasive material that is widely used in various industries for cutting, grinding, and machining applications. CBN is a synthetic material known for its exceptional hardness and thermal stability, making it highly effective in demanding machining operations. 


Coated CBN powder is produced by applying a thin layer of binder material onto individual CBN particles. This coating enhances the bonding between the CBN particles and the tool matrix, improving the overall performance and durability of the abrasive material.

The coating on CBN powder serves multiple purposes. It helps to improve the adhesion of the CBN particles to the tool surface, ensuring better retention during machining operations. The coating also acts as a lubricant, reducing friction and heat generation during cutting or grinding processes. This results in improved tool life, reduced wear, and enhanced surface finish.

Coated CBN powder is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and tool manufacturing. It is utilized in various forms, including as a coating on cutting tools, as an abrasive in grinding wheels, and as a component in metal-bonded tools.

The advantages of coated CBN powder include high hardness, excellent thermal stability, and superior wear resistance. It is particularly effective in machining hard materials like hardened steels, cast iron, and superalloys.

Coated CBN powder is a specialized abrasive material that offers exceptional cutting and grinding capabilities. Its coating enhances adhesion, reduces friction, and improves tool life, making it a valuable choice for demanding machining applications.

The plating products are divided into the following items
  • 1. Electroplating nickel
  • The weight of diamond and CBN surface electroplating nickel increases by 56%, 30%, which can improve the mechanical control of diamond, slow down thermal shock, and increase the service life of products. Suitable for resin bond products.
  • 2. Electroless nickel plating
  • The weight of electroless nickel plating on the surface of diamond or CBN increases by 56% and 30%. The plating layer has an amorphous structure, which has higher processing accuracy than electroplated nickel products and better mechanical control. Suitable for resin bond products.
  • 3. Copper electroplating
  • The weight of the copper plating on the surface of diamond and CBN increases by 50% or 30%, which can improve the mechanical holding power of diamond and CBN, slow down thermal shock, increase the service life of products, and have a good dry grinding effect. Suitable for resin and bronze bond products.
  • 4. Titanium plating
  • The surface of diamond and CBN is plated with titanium. Through the metallurgical bonding between titanium and the metal in the matrix bond, the holding power of diamond and CBN is improved, and the diamond and CBN are protected from oxidation and diamond graphitization, thereby ensuring The performance of diamond and CBN improves the use effect of products. Suitable for metal bond or ceramic bond products.

Granularity available for plating products: 25-1000. Contact us for free inquiry right now! Top quality and low price!


Available Particle Size Range for Coating
Granularity Functional Plating Electroplate Chemical Plating Complate Plating
25/30 Y Y Y Y
30/35 Y Y Y Y
35/40 Y Y Y Y
40/45 Y Y Y Y
45/50 Y Y Y Y
50/60 Y Y Y Y
60/70 Y Y Y Y
70/80 Y Y Y Y
80/100 Y Y Y Y
100/120 Y Y Y Y
120/140 Y Y Y Y
140/170 Y Y Y Y
170/200 Y Y Y Y
200/230 Y Y Y Y
230/270 Y Y Y Y
270/325 Y Y Y Y
325/400 Y Y Y Y
400/500     Y Y
500/600     Y Y
600/800     Y Y
800/1000     Y Y
Diamond and CBN powder 10um thick     Y Y


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