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Synthetic diamonds for sale of Huanghe Whirlwind have good performance in hardness and brilliance. Its inner radiance of light no different from natural, and it has the same composition: carbon atoms, which are built up at high temperature and pressure. Actually, these are diamonds, only grown not in nature! Born from a grain and growing layer by layer, a synthetic diamond is perfected by a high-precision cut.


The purity, color, size and other characteristics of the stones are determined in the traditional way. Like natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are classified by 4C, and a certificate from the International Gemological Institute is attached for stones weighing from 0.3 kt. To identify the stones, to confirm their origin and uniqueness, each instance of 3 mm is laser engraved - it is visible only under a microscope. These are absolute diamonds, 100% identical to natural and created by the highest standards - production, social and environmental. HuangHe Whirlwind supplies synthetic diamonds, crystals and other jewelry stones to worldwide countries for more than 40 years.

hpht and cvd lab grown diamonds


Purity characterizes the presence or absence of inclusions in a synthetic diamond. It determines the transparency, origin of internal and external defects, their color, size and location in the stone. The fewer defects, the more expensive the diamond. Typically, a 10-fold magnifying glass is used to determine purity.


Most (white) diamonds used in jewelry range in color from colorless to slightly yellow or brown. This is also the most important feature of the diamond, as it is the color we see most of all with the human eye. There is a Russian and international classification of diamonds by color. The Russian classification includes two sections: for small stones (up to 0.29 ct) - 7 colors, for large stones (from 0.30 ct) - 9 colors. The international classification denotes colors in letters from D--Y and does not depend on the size of the stone.

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The weight of the diamond created in the laboratory is expressed in carats (Ct).One carat weighs 1/5 grams and is rounded to the hundredths.

The weight of diamonds is measured in carats, abbreviated ct. The word "carat" itself comes from the name of the seeds of the Karaib tree, which served in ancient times as a reference weight. But already in 1907 the weight was established, on the basis of a certain standard - a metric carat equal to 200 mg. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams. The scale of the carat division consists of 100 units. The cost of a diamond is calculated based on the price per carat. The higher the weight of the diamond with the same parameters, the higher its cost.

We guarantee the authenticity and quality of each stone to our customers and provide :
  • 1. The widest range of synthetic diamonds in a unique cut - traditional or super-fashionable.
  • 2. Verified prices, favorable savings discounts and wholesale programs.
  • 3. Help in the selection of products and implementation of ideas. We annually review the leading market trends, provide our partners with useful information about jewelry trends.
  • 4. You can buy synthetic diamonds in our company. We are also ready to send you prices, bill to pay and fulfill the order remotely.

laboratory grown diamond

Artificially grown diamond, synthesized begins its life in the same way as a plant from a grain. Thanks to innovative technology, tiny diamond grains are built up with carbon atoms at high temperatures and pressure to accelerate the amazing process of diamond formation. Layer by layer the diamond grows and forms before the cutter will bring it to perfection. Huanghe Whirlwind has rich synthetic diamond manufacturing experience, and our diamonds have been exported to worldwide countries, such as USA, UK, Italy, France, India, Southeast, Australia, South Africa etc. Contact Us for Free Quotation Now!



Size Grade Mark
0.6-0.8ct 1A VVS-SI1 4.0-5.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
0.8-1.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 4.5-5.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
1.0-1.5ct 1A VVS-SI1 5.5-6.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
1.5-2.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 5.5-6.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
2.0-2.5ct 1A VVS-SI1 6.5-7.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
2.5-3.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.0-8.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
3.0-4.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.0-8.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
4.0-5.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.5-9.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
5.0-6.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 8.5-10mm
1B SI2-SI3
6.0-7.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 9.0-10.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
7.0-8.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 9.0-11mm
1B SI2-SI3
8.0ct+ 1A VVS-SI1 9mm+
1B SI2-SI3


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