Introduction of Whirlwind Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder

2021-03-24 12:08:38

The synthetic diamond micron powder of Huanghe Whirlwind is divided into three series: HHM-A, HHM-B and HHM-C, the introduction is as follows:



1. Using foreign production technology, the particle size is extremely concentrated, and the coefficient of change is small.

2. There are very few impurity particles adsorbed on the particle surface.

3. Have hydrophilic properties.


1. High-demand rough grinding, fine grinding, fine polishing or mirror polishing, etc.

2. Manufacturing of diamond products.

3. Production and metallographic analysis of diamond sprays, suspensions and abrasive pastes, slicing and grooving of silicon crystals in the IT industry.

4. Optical glass processing, precision ceramics and other high-precision grinding and polishing and the application of high-tech materials.

synthetic diamond micron powder



1. Narrow particle size distribution range and small coefficient of variation.

2. Regular crystal form, massive particles;

3. The impurity content is low, the surface is pure, and it is firmly combined with the binder.


1. Grinding and polishing of cemented carbide and diamond wire drawing dies, gems, optical glass, ceramics and other non-metallic materials.

2. Production of super-hard materials such as diamond grinding wheels, composite discs, soft grinding discs, and polishing discs.

3. Prepare diamond grinding paste and diamond polishing agent.



1. Irregular crystal shape, multiple edges, and remarkable polishing effect.

2. The impurity content is low, the surface is pure, and it is firmly combined with the binder.

3. The particle size distribution is in accordance with the national standard GB6966.1-86.


1. An economical alternative to HHM-B, suitable for products or fields that pursue processing efficiency and low polishing precision.

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