Lab Grown Diamonds Lead the High-end Application Market

2021-03-12 12:08:20

In addition to superhard material products, lab grown synthetic diamonds are also the key development direction of Huanghe Whirlwind.

According to the latest data in the past two years, the world’s diamond market demand has continued to grow, with an average annual growth rate of 15%. However, the global reserves of natural diamonds are approximately 2.5 billion carats, including 650 million carats in Australia and 550 million carats in Zaire. According to the mining level, the existing reserves can only be mined for 25 years. With the depletion of diamond resources, lab grown diamonds are making up for the shortage of natural diamonds.

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According to company information, Huanghe Whirlwind has been involved in the field of cultivating diamond synthesis since 2002. It has been deeply involved in cultivating diamond synthesis and technology development for many years, and has cultivated a large number of high-level technical talents. The technical team has fully mastered the cultivation of diamond growth technology in the synthesis cavity. Structural design, precise control of material composition, high-purity material processing technology design, precise control of synthetic process parameters, diamond trace element detection and control, large-size cultivated diamond shape control and other technical fields are at the international advanced level, and the cultivated diamonds produced cover 1-10mm colorless and colored series cultivated diamonds have excellent and stable product quality and reasonable structure. They can design reasonable production processes according to the special needs of customers for diamond performance, and continue to fill the gaps in domestic products.

At present, Huanghe Whirlwind lab grown diamonds for sale  have been used more and more widely in diamond jewelry due to their outstanding advantages in product quality, and their market share ranks in the forefront, and they have been unanimously recognized by customers. With the continuous breakthrough and improvement of the quality and size of the company’s high-grade cultivated diamonds, the application bottleneck of high price, low output rate and unstable quality of large-size natural diamonds has been broken.

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In addition to the application of consumer-grade diamonds in jewelry, based on its unique ultra-high thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, high light transmittance, high strength and other outstanding comprehensive performance, it is used in high-power microwave communication, high-temperature infrared detection, and high-speed all-weather radar. Covers, third-generation semiconductors, low-magnetic detection, and quantum computers have broad application prospects. At present,Huanghe Whirlwind has reached an agreement with relevant research institutions on the development and application of such special function diamond products, which can further expand the company’s product application fields, improve product structure, and extend the industrial chain. Contact us if in need!


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