Introduction of Huanghe Whirlwind Diamond Powder HWF-925

2021-01-11 12:07:12

HWF-925 diamond powder is a commonly used product for diamond tools such as granite blades, small saw blades and medium-diameter saw blades. The product has good sintering activity, uniform structure, fine and dense structure, good wetting and holding power for diamonds, and low loose density, which is conducive to the cold forming of the cutter head, and it also has good self-sharpening of the carcass and prominent tool sharpness performance.

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HWF-925 diamond powder of Huanghe Whirlwind has excellent cold forming properties. The matrix has strong ability to wet diamond and encase mechanic, amd the matrix also has good sintering density and good sharpness. The brittleness of the carcass is more obvious, and the sharpness of its tools is more outstanding. When the proportion is increased in the formula, the performance of the alloy powder can be fully utilized.


Composition System: Fe-Cu-Zn

Theoretical Density: 8.01g/cm3

Sintering Temperature: 830℃

Flexural Strength: 1200MPa

Sintering Hardness: 98-102HRB


Application Points of HWF-925 Diamond Powder

1. Uniform mixing.

2. The product has outstanding molding performance. According to the formula characteristics and process conditions, the proportion of powder used can be increased to make the product performance more excellent.

3. Pay attention to sintering process control.

4. Control of powder quality and matching of sintering activity.

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