Introduction of Diamond Micron Powder

2022-07-05 12:08:29

Diamond micronpowder is a super-hard grinding and polishing material produced by using single crystal synthetic diamond as raw material through crushing, shaping, purification, classification, post-finishing and other processes. It has high hardness, strength, toughness, thermal conductivity and Good thermal stability, impact resistance, etc.

Product features

1. Good shape and concentrated particle size, meeting the requirements of traditional grinding and polishing applications.

2. Perfect raw material control system to ensure product quality stability.

3. Advanced production process control to ensure product quality superiority.

4. Rich product categories to meet the needs of different customers.

diamond micron powder manufacturer

Application field

1. As a fine abrasive, it is used for fine grinding or polishing of various precision components, such as mold processing, gem polishing, ceramic and glass parts processing and manufacturing.

2. Used as raw material for diamond grinding tools, such as diamond cutting tools, diamond grinding wheels, etc.

3. Used in the manufacture of resin-bonded tools, metal-bonded tools and electroplating tools

4. Free grinding and polishing of precious metals, etc.

5. Manufacture of precision grinding wheels and saw blades.

6. Manufacture of PCD for mining, PCD for petroleum, geology and PCD for cutting tools.

7. Manufacture of wire drawing dies, precision soft grinding discs, etc. 8. Manufacture of electroplated diamond discs, etc.

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