Application Prospect of Synthetic Diamond

July 12, 2022

Cutting materials and ultra-precision machining

Diamond is currently the hardest mineral in nature. In addition to this, it has high thermal conductivity, high wear resistance and chemical stability. These characteristics determine that diamond can also be a superior cutting material. Through artificially cultivated large single crystal diamond, ultra-precision machining can be further realized, which can reduce costs and improve technology.

Optical application field

Diamond has a high transmittance in the entire wavelength range from X-ray to microwave, and is an excellent optical material. For example, MPCVD single crystal diamond can be used as an energy transmission window for high-power laser devices, or as a diamond window for cosmic detectors. Synthetic diamond has the characteristics of thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and mechanical wear resistance, and has corresponding research and applications in infrared windows, microwave windows, high-power laser windows, thermal imaging system windows, and X-ray windows.

single crystal diamond

Quantum device applications

The diamond containing nitrogen vacancy defect has unique quantum properties, which can operate the NV color center with a specific beam at room temperature. It has the characteristics of long coherence time, stable fluorescence intensity and high luminous intensity. It is a quantum quantum with great research value and prospect. One of the bit carriers. A large number of research institutions have carried out experimental research on NV color centers. A large number of research results have been achieved in the confocal scanning imaging of NV color centers, the spectral research of NV color centers at low temperature and room temperature, and the manipulation of spins by microwave and optical methods.

Successful applications have been achieved in high-precision magnetic field measurement, biological imaging, and quantum detection. For example, diamond detectors are not afraid of extremely harsh radiation environments and ambient stray light, do not need to add filters, and can work normally at room temperature and higher temperatures, without the need for additional cooling systems like silicon detectors.

Acoustic applications

Diamond has the advantages of high elastic modulus, low density and high strength. It is very suitable for making high-frequency and high-power surface acoustic wave devices, and is an ideal material for making high-fidelity acoustic devices.

Medical industry application field

Synthetic diamond has high hardness, high wear resistance, low friction coefficient and good biocompatibility, and it is widely used in prosthetic joints, heart valves, biosensors, etc. It is an indispensable and important material in the modern medical industry.

Application in jewelry

Synthetic diamond is comparable to natural diamond in terms of color and clarity, and has obvious advantages in production cost and price. With the addition of well-known domestic and foreign diamond brand operators and authoritative appraisal and testing institutions, the development of the cultivated diamond industry has gradually become standardized, and consumer recognition has increased year by year, and cultivated diamonds have a large space for development in the jewelry consumer market.

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