Definition and Application of Diamond Micron Powder

2022-06-27 12:09:52

According to the current national standard GB/T7991-1997, diamond micron powder with a particle size equal to or finer than 54μm is called diamond micron powder.

The main application of diamond micron powder:

1. It can directly used or made into abrasive paste.

2. It can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of large particle polycrystalline.

3. Coating micron powder on the surface of some workpieces to increase its wear resistance.

4. Micron powder can also sometimes be used to manufacture electroplating abrasives for grinding.

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Classification of diamond micron powder

Single crystal diamond micron powder: The synthetic diamond single crystal abrasive grains are crushed and reshaped, and the single crystal diamond micron powder can be produced by using a special process method. Single crystal diamond micron powder has high hardness and good wear resistance, and can grind and polish high hardness materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics, gemstones, and optical glass.

Polycrystalline diamond micron powder: Polycrystalline diamond micron powder is made from graphite by a unique directional blasting method. The artificial diamond produced by this method has a structure similar to that of natural diamond and has good toughness.

Nano-diamond micron powder: Nanotechnology originated in the late 1990s. The size of nano-diamond is nano-scale, and it is a material synthesized by explosive technology. It not only has the advantages of diamond, but also has the characteristics of small size, large specific surface area and quantum size effect. With the continuous development of high-tech industrial technology and cutting-edge science and technology, diamond micron powder has a new development trend in the production. 1. Finer and finer granularity classification. At present, some markets demand 0-4um diamond micron powder. 2. Diamond micron powder with ultra-high grinding performance. Compared with the abrasive paste made of non-diamond abrasives, the synthetic diamond micron powder abrasive paste increases the production efficiency by 1-2 times when polishing high-precision parts, and the finish is also improved by one level. 3. Technical problems caused by over-sized particles of diamond micro powder with tight particle size tolerance. The application field of diamond micro powder is constantly expanding, and the future prospect is bright.

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