Introduction of Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

2020-06-13 12:09:03

Single crystal synthetic diamond is flat with obvious crystal edges and apex angles. Huanghe Whirlwind is a well-known single crystal synthetic diamond manufacturer in China. To help customers learn more about single crystal synthetic diamond, we will briefly introduce the application areas and manufacturing process of single crystal diamond.

Manufacturing process of single crystal diamond

Static pressure catalyst method

It refers to the method of synthesizing diamond under the condition of constant ultra-high pressure and high temperature and the participation of catalyst under the condition that diamond is thermodynamically stable.

Dynamic pressure method

The dynamic pressure method is mainly the explosion method. The pressure and temperature conditions of the explosion method are similar to the static pressure method without catalyst (the pressure is generally above 20Gpa), but the method of generating high temperature and high pressure is different, not using a press, but using explosives.

Metastable growth

The metastable growth method is a growth method under the pressure and temperature conditions of the metastable state of diamond. This method does not require high pressure and is often carried out under normal or negative pressure (vacuum).

Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

Application areas of single crystal diamond

Machining industry

Diamond grinding tools are special tools for grinding carbide. When sharpening cemented carbide turning tools, 4-15g of GC abrasive is required for each 1g of metal to be removed, while diamond only consumes 2-4mg.

Electronic and electrical industry

Hard and brittle precious semiconductor materials, such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc., need to be cut and ground to be made into chip-shaped semiconductor devices. Currently the most suitable method is to use a diamond cutting saw blade. Polishing semiconductor materials with diamond abrasive paste not only has high efficiency, but also can achieve the highest level of surface roughness Ra0.006um.

Optical glass and gem processing industry

In the past, silicon carbide was used to process optical glass, which had low efficiency and poor labor conditions. Now all diamond grinding tools have been used for processing, including blanking, nesting, cutting, edge grinding and fine grinding of convex and concave surfaces.

Drilling and mining industry

Diamond drill bits are widely used in drilling and mining such as petroleum, coal, metallurgy, and geological exploration. Construction and building materials industry Diamond tools are widely used in the cutting and grinding of marble, granite, artificial cast stone, and concrete building materials.

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