Application of Cubic boron nitride (CBN)

2020-04-20 12:08:50

The hardness of CBN is second only to that of diamond, and its thermal stability is much higher than that of diamond. It is chemically inert to Fe group metals and their alloys. Therefore, CBN processing ferrous metals and their alloys is unique. It provides a new method for the processing of such hard and tough materials. Since diamond is suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, CBN can complement each other.

Comparison of cubic boron nitride powder and ordinary abrasives

1.The hardness of CBN is much higher than that of ordinary abrasives. Therefore, it can process various materials with high hardness and toughness, especially materials that are difficult to be processed by ordinary abrasives.

2.CBN abrasive tools have less wear, long service life and high grinding ratio. Reasonable use can obtain good economic results.

3.When the CBN abrasive tool is used, the shape and size change very slowly, which is beneficial to the grinding operation. The grinding wheel is less replaced, the dressing is less, the auxiliary man-hour is saved, and it is more suitable for automatic line processing of high-precision parts.

4. It can maintain a sharp cutting edge for a long time, so the grinding force is small, which is beneficial to the improvement of the accuracy and smoothness of the parts, and can also reduce the power consumption of the machine tool.

5.The grinding temperature is low, which can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece, avoid defects such as cracks, burns, and tissue changes in the parts, improve the stress condition of the machined surface, and prolong the service life of the parts. The trend of CBN powder replacing ordinary abrasives has been obvious, and a large number of facts have proved that the use of CBN abrasives has unparalleled advantages. Resin bond code: S; ceramic bond code: A; bronze bond code: Q; electroplating bond code: D.

Cubic boron nitride

Introduction to the basic grades of CBN abrasives

CBN black single crystal, irregular crystal shape, medium toughness, slightly lower strength, high refractory temperature (1150℃). Good self-sharpening, slightly poor grinding performance. Suitable for S-bond abrasives, tools, micropowder, grinding paste, etc.

CBN black cubic boron nitride powder single crystal, isometric single crystal, medium toughness, good self-sharpening, good grinding performance, mainly used for S, A bond abrasives, grinding wheels, tool manufacturing.

CBN black single crystal, isometric single crystal, complete crystal shape, high refractory temperature (1150℃), high toughness, excellent self-sharpening, strength and grinding performance better than 110, suitable for S, A, Q, D Binder abrasives, tools, micropowders, abrasive pastes.

CBN amber transparent single crystal, high toughness, high strength, high grinding performance, good wear resistance, high refractory temperature, suitable for S, D bond abrasive tools and tools.

CBN Golden yellow cubic boron nitride single crystal, isometric transparent crystal, high toughness, high strength. High grinding performance, good wear resistance, high refractory temperature, suitable for the manufacture of D, A, Q bond system abrasives, grinding wheels and tools. Its products have a long service life.

CBN dark brown single crystal, relatively complete crystal form, high toughness, strength and grinding performance are better than 210. The refractory temperature is high, the durability is high, and the self-sharpening is slightly poor. Suitable for Q, A, D bond abrasives and tools.

Resin bond cubic boron nitride abrasives and tools (SCBN) have weak bond strength to abrasive grains due to resin bond, because they have good self-sharpening during grinding, are not easy to block, have few dressing times, and have high grinding efficiency. Small cutting force, low grinding temperature, polishing, high surface finish and good surface quality. The disadvantage is poor heat resistance. The wear of the abrasive tool is large, and it is not suitable for heavy-duty grinding. It is often improved by plated metal clothing. SCBN is mainly used for grinding of high vanadium, high speed steel, tool steel, die steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, bearing steel, iron-based cemented carbide.

Ceramic bond cubic boron nitride abrasives and tools (ACBN)

Abrasives with different hardness and structure can be made by using different formulas. This kind of bond abrasive tool and tool has better heat resistance than resin and has a sharper cutting and higher grinding efficiency. It is not easy to generate heat and block during the grinding process, the thermal expansion is small, the machining accuracy is easy to control, and the dressing is easy. The disadvantage is that the surface finish of the workpiece to be processed is slightly worse than that of the S abrasive tool. ACBN is mainly used for: grinding with SCBN.

Bronze Bond Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasives and Tools (QCBN)

High bonding strength, good wear resistance, small wear, long service life of the abrasive tool, good shape retention, so the grinding cost is low, the use is economical, and it can withstand large loads, but the self-sharpening is poor, easy to block, generate heat, and trim difficulty. In order to improve its self-sharpening, the method of reducing copper and increasing tin can be used. A certain amount of ceramic can also be added to the bond, which is called a cermet bond. Tentative code name: QA. QCBN grinds alloy steel with high hardness and low toughness, and the effect of honing alloy steel is remarkable.

Plating metal bond cubic boron nitride abrasive tools and tools (D)

The working layer is thin and the service life is short. Generally only for special purpose processing. Due to the high density of the surface abrasive particles and the exposed surface, the working surface is sharp and the grinding efficiency is high. When blind holes are used, it shows its superiority.

Granularity selection: Under the premise of meeting the requirements of the smoothness of the workpiece, the coarser grain size should be selected to ensure high grinding efficiency. Contact us for free quote now if in need of cubic boron nitride powder! Superior quality and top performance!


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