Lab Grown Diamond Industry Expands Rapidly Recent Years

2022-02-10 12:07:20

Lab grown diamonds are large gem quality synthetic diamonds. The chemical composition of diamond is carbon (C), which belongs to an allotrope of carbon element. Its density is 3.52g/cm3 and its hardness is Mohs 10. It is the hardest substance in nature known to mankind. According to the origin, diamonds can be divided into natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Among them, natural diamond is a rare and valuable non-metallic mineral with low mineral reserves and relatively difficult mining. It is mainly distributed in South Africa, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, Australia and other countries. The world mines 90 million to 100 million carats of natural diamonds every year, of which 17% to 20% are gem-quality diamonds. The artificial diamond is a diamond crystal synthesized by scientific methods by artificially simulating the crystallization conditions and growth environment of natural diamond. Up to now, our country’s single crystal diamond production accounts for more than 90% of the global total amount. Lab grown diamonds refer to the gem-grade synthetic diamond that are of high quality and large in size and can be used to make jewelry. Currently, as an emerging choice in the field of diamond consumption, they can be used to make diamond rings, necklaces, earrings and other diamond jewelry and other fashion consumer goods.


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The product properties of lab-grown diamonds are no different from natural diamonds. Both cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds are crystals formed of carbon, which have exactly the same chemical and physical properties, and are comparable to natural diamonds in terms of crystal structure integrity, transparency, refractive index, and dispersion. Both cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds belong to real diamonds, which are essentially different from moissanite (silicon carbide) and rhinestones (cubic zirconia) of imitation diamonds.

Cultivated diamonds are real diamonds born in the laboratory. Their chemical and physical properties are the same as those of natural diamonds. They have become a good substitute for natural diamonds by virtue of their advantages in terms of higher price-performance ratio, quality and environmental protection. In recent years, under the background of the decrease in the global supply of natural diamonds and the unabated demand for diamond jewelry, the penetration rate of global cultivated diamonds has increased rapidly. With the continuous improvement of synthetic technology and the improvement of the awareness and acceptance of the younger generation of consumers, the development of the cultivated diamond industry will become increasingly mature, and there will be more room for future development. Our country is the world’s largest producer of cultivated diamonds, mainly using the HPHT production method. At present, there are relatively mature enterprises in the upstream core profit link of cultivated diamonds, and the upstream competition pattern is relatively stable; while the downstream brand has not yet formed a mature listed company. Looking into the future, domestic cultivated diamond brands are expected to rise.

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