Introduction of Diamond Certificates

2021-12-24 12:09:33

Diamond certificate is also known as diamond grading report and diamond quality report , which is based on the 4C standard for diamonds and carefully observed by jewelry experts in accordance with strict grading standards under specific circumstances. Among them, the diamond is placed under a ten times magnifying glass to analyze its size, clarity, cut, polishing, symmetry and other characteristics is a very important link. In addition, it also includes determining the color level of the diamond, fluorescence detection, and so on.

There are roughly the following 6 types of diamond grade certificates recognized internationally:

1. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – GIA Diamond Grade Certificate is a more authoritative diamond identity certificate.

The Gemological Institute of America is an independent non-profit organization. As an authority in the world of gemstones, it is known for its impartiality. The breakthrough research of this college and its own education, experiment and equipment development process is almost a chronicle of the growth of the jewelry industry. GIA diamond grading report and GIA diamond processing are considered to be the world’s number one gem certificate. Diamonds of various shapes and sizes are sent from all corners of the world to the academy for analysis and grading.

GIA lab grown diamonds

2. Belgian Diamond High Council – HRD Diamond Grade Certificate T

he Belgian Diamond High-Class Parliament is officially recognized as representing the Belgian diamond trade industry.

The HRD Diamond Color Certificate focuses on the detailed characteristics that determine the value of colored diamonds, such as color description, design, and luminescence. It has an important effect on whether the diamond is a natural colored diamond or an imitation diamond.

3. American Gemstone Society – AGS Diamond Grade Certificate

The Gemological Society of America leads the industry through strict grading standards and providing detailed information. Primary consumers can use easy-to-understand numbers and methods to understand diamond grading.

Diamond wholesalers and processors often use the detailed diamond information provided by the AGS certificate to buy bulk diamonds in the world.

4. International Gemological Institute – IGI Diamond Grade Certificate

The International Gemological Institute is located in Antwerp. It is the oldest gemological institute in the world. The authority of its diamond certificate is recognized by the world. The IGI Diamond Report is essentially a statement. It uses a world-recognized system to prove the authenticity of a diamond and provide a reliable and correct diamond identity and grade.

IGI certificate

5. European Gemological Institute – EGL Diamond Grade Certificate

EGL was established in 1974. Its customers are mainly professional wholesalers, retailers and cutting factories. Its mission is to help consumers buy diamonds and precious stones.

It has a certain professional status and reputation in the EGL appraisal of the United States and Belgium. The appraisal certificate issued by it is sufficient to provide all the information of the diamond, including the weight, color, clarity, size and other physical properties of the diamond, for reference by the industry and consumers.

In 2008, EGL established an independent third-party diamond identification laboratory in Hong Kong, named EGL Asia, to provide Asian diamond customers with safer and faster diamond identification services.

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