Classification and Application of Diamond Powder

2022-02-17 12:07:17

Diamond powder is divided into two types: single crystal and polycrystalline diamond powder. In China, the production of single crystal diamond micropowder started relatively early, and the current market price is relatively cheap. It is widely used for making diamond tools, grinding fluids etc. Polycrystalline diamond powder has made breakthroughs in technology in the past ten years and has been industrialized. Polycrystalline diamond powder has been widely used in various fields due to its high grinding precision, no scratches on the grinding surface and low loss. At present, only the United States, Japan and China (only three domestic companies) have mastered the production technology of polycrystalline diamond powder, and the average price is higher than 12 yuan/carat. Compared with single crystal, polycrystalline has a wider application range, but the cost is higher, and it is mostly used in industries such as IT, gem grinding, and precision parts polishing that require high precision. We also produce mono crystal diamond of all sizes.

Regarding particle size detection, the particle size distribution of diamond micropowder, whether single crystal or polycrystalline, can be detected by a laser particle size analyzer. The test results are displayed on a particle size distribution map, and the general herringbone distribution unit is microns. Example: 0-0.5 microns, 0-2 microns, 2-4 microns, 7-10 microns, etc.

diamond powder for polishing

As far as the diamond powder for grinding is concerned, the choice of particle size generally depends on the precision required. The smaller the particle size of the diamond powder, the higher the grinding accuracy and the lower the grinding efficiency. Generally, larger particle size diamond powder is selected to improve production efficiency under the premise that the product accuracy is up to standard. When used as an additive, the particle size is generally small, and the particle size below 0-2 microns is often used. When used as a fluid additive, the demand is more prominent.

The Main Application of Diamond Powder

1. Directly use abrasives and abrasive pastes made from micropowder for free grinding or polishing. It is widely used in the processing of metal materials and cemented carbide, ceramics and optical glass and instrument gemstones.

2. Diamond micro powder is widely used in the manufacturing of fine grinding discs, ultra-fine grinding discs, electroplating abrasive tools, etc.

3. The diamond powder with a particle size of 54-0.25 microns is the main raw material for the manufacture of polycrystalline diamond sintered bodies or other diamond products (geology, oil drill cutting tools and wire drawing dies, etc.).

4. Diamond powder is plated on the surface of some workpieces to increase its wear resistance.

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