Main Applications of Lab Grown Diamond

2021-12-16 12:08:44

Diamonds are mainly used in jewelry and industrial applications. Gem grade diamonds are mainly used for jewelry such as diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, corsages, and special items such as crowns and scepters, as well as the collection of rough stones. According to statistics, diamond transactions account for about 80% of the total annual jewelry trade in the world. Most of gem-grade and near-gem-grade diamonds are used as gemstones in jewelry. Some gem-grade and near-gem-grade diamonds and industrial-grade diamonds are used in industrial and high-tech fields.

Lab Grown diamond has high hardness and good wear resistance, which can be widely used for cutting, grinding, and drilling. Due to its high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation, it can be used as a heat sink for semiconductor devices; it has excellent light transmittance and corrosion resistance, It is also widely used in the electronics industry.

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Application of Lab Grown Diamond

1. Manufacture resin bond abrasive tools or grinding tools, etc.

2. Manufacturing metal bond abrasive tools, ceramic bond abrasive tools or grinding tools, etc.

3. Manufacturing general stratum geological drilling bits, semiconductor and non-metallic materials cutting processing tools, etc.

4. Manufacturing hard-stratum geological drill bits, correction tools and non-metallic hard and brittle materials processing tools, etc.

5. Resin, ceramic bond abrasive tools or grinding, etc.

6. Metal bond abrasive tools and electroplated products. Drilling tools or grinding, etc.

7. Sawing, drilling and correction tools, etc.

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