Brief Introduction of Pre-alloyed Powder

2021-12-10 12:09:30

Pre-alloyed powder can be selected for the production of diamond cutter (segment). The pre alloyed powder is uniformly mixed, which has low oxygen content, good holding power to diamond, and stable overall performance. In addition, the prealloyed powder has low loss of low-melting metal during the sintering process. A temperature difference of about ten degrees has no effect. For ordinary diamond bits, iron-copper pre-alloy powder can be selected. If you want to improve the sharpness, you can choose iron-copper-tin pre-alloyed powder. If the hardness is better, you can choose iron-copper-nickel pre-alloyed metal powder. You can choose alloy powder according to your own formula and cost control.

1. Additive Manufacturing: Prealloyed powders are commonly used in additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing to create complex and high-performance metal parts with precise composition control.
2. Metal Injection Molding (MIM): Pre alloyed powders are utilized in MIM processes to produce small, intricate metal components with excellent dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.
3. Surface Coating: Prealloyed powders can be applied as coatings on surfaces to enhance wear resistance, corrosion protection, and thermal properties.
4. Sintering: Pre alloyed powders are often sintered to form solid metal parts with improved strength, hardness, and durability.

whirlwind pre-alloyed powder

1. Consistent Composition: Pre alloyed powders ensure uniform alloy composition throughout the material, leading to predictable and reliable performance in the final product.
2. Improved Properties: By using pre alloyed powders, manufacturers can achieve enhanced mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties in the end product, resulting in superior performance.
3. Cost-Effective Production: Pre alloyed powders reduce the need for additional alloying elements and processing steps, streamlining production processes and lowering overall manufacturing costs.
4. Customization: Pre alloyed powders can be tailored to specific alloy compositions and particle sizes, allowing for customization to meet the unique requirements of different applications.
5. Waste Reduction: Using pre alloyed powders minimizes material waste and improves material utilization efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for metal manufacturing processes.

The prealloyed powder is more evenly distributed than the mechanically mixed powder, which fundamentally avoids component segregation, makes the carcass structure uniform and the performance tends to be consistent; the pre alloyed powder is fully alloyed, so that the carcass has high hardness and high impact strength, which can greatly Improve the compressive and bending strength of sintered products, increase the holding power of diamonds, increase the sharpness of diamond tools, and extend the service life of the tools. The composition of each element of the pre alloyed powder is fixed, which fundamentally avoids the occurrence of various problems in the compounding process, and provides conditions for the stability of product quality. Pre-alloying greatly reduces the activation energy required for the diffusion of metal atoms during the sintering process. The sintering performance is good, the sintering temperature is low, and the sintering time is shortened. Electricity consumption; in the case of the same cutting performance, the use of prealloyed powder can reduce the diamond concentration by 15%-20%, significantly reducing the cost of diamond tools. 

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