Features and Advantages of Lab Grown Diamond Making Machine

2022-02-24 12:08:10

The six-sided diamond growing machine has the characteristics of low hardware requirements, low consumption of cemented carbide, and high production efficiency. It has obvious cost advantages in the production of diamond, CBN powder, mining and geological PCD, and medium and low-grade PCD and PCBN.

Features of hpht machine

1.The hydraulic system of the six-sided synthetic diamond machine adopts six-cylinder synchronous pressurization, the structure of the hydraulic system is complex, and the maintenance rate is high.

2.The design and processing of the six hinge beams of the main engine are the key to the main engine part. The problems that are prone to occur in the main engine part are: hinge beam fracture, oil cylinder strain, and pocket bottom fracture.

3.The formation of the high pressure cavity is mainly produced by the extrusion of six top hammers. The top hammer system is mainly assembled by a steel ring and two large and small spacers. The structure is simple and easy to assemble and maintain; the top hammer is mainly used in the synthesis process. Bearing compressive stress, the unit cost of cemented carbide is much less than that of the double-sided top press, and the synthesis cost is low.

4.The neutrality of the top hammer is completely dependent on manual adjustment, the operation is complicated, and it is difficult to realize the automation of production.

5.The material and hardness requirements of various accessories are low, which is convenient for processing and maintenance.

6.The forward stroke of the top hammer in the synthetic medium is small, the speed of pressure increase and pressure release is fast, and the production efficiency is high.

lab grown diamond machine at working

Features of six-sided top press in high temperature and high pressure synthesis

When the six-sided lab grown diamond machine is synthesizing at high temperature and high pressure, the six top hammers move to the center at the same time, and gradually squeeze the pyrophyllite blocks to establish a sealed cavity. The rod is extruded from six sides and transformed into a square shape, and the deformation is irregular, which inevitably causes the temperature field of the synthetic mandrel to change due to different deformations between each synthesis.

The six-sided diamond growing equipment has the following characteristics in high temperature and high pressure synthesis:

1.The accessories of the six-sided top pressure assembly structure are simple to manufacture, and each accessories do not need to be adjusted in size during the normal synthesis process.

2.The pressure transmission and the heat preservation medium are not separated, and it is difficult to balance the heat preservation and pressure transmission sealing. In addition, with the prolongation of the high pressure and high temperature synthesis time, the pyrophyllite phase change layer becomes thicker and thicker, which makes the pressure transmission and heat preservation performance in the cavity worse. , which is not conducive to the stability of the pressure and temperature fields.

3.The assembly structure of the outer square and the inner circle determines that the thickness of the insulation layer varies greatly across the cavity. However, due to extrusion and deformation of the heater under high pressure, the thickness of the heater varies unevenly, resulting in inconsistent changes in the internal temperature field. Conducive to the uniform adjustment of the temperature field.

4.The 12 sealing edges of the six-sided top press are produced by extrusion, which consumes a lot of pressure, has a low pressure transfer efficiency (about 60%), and has a low tonnage utilization rate of the press.

5.In the high temperature and high pressure synthesis, the inner mandrel is gradually transformed from a cylinder to a cuboid, and the deformation of the synthesis cavity is large. For products with strict deformation requirements, the deformation is difficult to control.

6.The pressure rise and pressure release speed is fast, especially suitable for the production of products with short and medium process requirements.

7.The pressure and temperature measurement is simple, the success rate is high, and the operability is strong.

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