Classification of Diamond Micron Powder

2022-03-10 12:09:42
Diamond micro powder refers to diamond particles with a particle size smaller than 60 microns, including single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder. With the rapid development of nanotechnology, a new type of diamond-like micropowder has emerged independently from the original two major diamond-like micropowders: nano-diamond micropowder.
Single crystal diamond powder for polishing
Single crystal diamond micropowder is produced from artificial diamond single crystal abrasive grains, which are crushed and reshaped, and produced by a special process of superhard materials. Diamond micropowder has high hardness and good wear resistance, and can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, etc. It is an ideal raw material for grinding and polishing hard alloys, ceramics, precious stones, optical glass and other high hardness materials. Diamond micropowder products are tools and components made from diamond micropowder.
diamond micron powder
Polycrystalline diamond powder
Polycrystalline diamond powder is made from graphite by a unique directional blasting method. The shock wave of the high-explosive explosive directional blasting accelerates the flying of the metal flyer and hits the graphite sheet, thereby causing the graphite to be converted into polycrystalline diamond. Its structure is very similar to that of natural diamond, which is formed by unsaturated bonds and has good toughness.
Nanotechnology is a high-tech emerging after the 1990s. Nanoscale diamond is composed of diamond particles with a size of nanometer, that is, one billionth of a meter. It is a new material synthesized by explosive technology in recent years. It not only has the inherent characteristics of diamond, but also has small size effect, large specific surface area effect, quantum size effect, etc., thus showing the characteristics of nanomaterials. The diamond synthesized in the detonation wave has a cubic structure, a lattice constant of (0.3562+0.0003) nm, a crystal density of 3.1g/cm³, and a specific surface area of ??300m²/g~390m²/g. After treatment with different chemical methods, a variety of different functional groups can be formed on the diamond surface, and this diamond crystal has a high adsorption capacity.
The application of diamond abrasive paste is very extensive, and it is often used in the fine grinding and polishing of some high-precision and high-surface-finish components. For example, it is used for metallographic samples, wire drawing dies, watch and other industrial gemstone bearings, stamping and punching dies, gauges and block gauges, aircraft high-precision hydraulic transmission parts and internal combustion engine parts, precision instrument components, radar equipment, various transistors and Fine grinding or polishing of gyroscope parts, etc. Also used in the grinding of diamond, cemented carbide, glass, quartz, ceramic, ruby, sapphire, germanium, silicon and other hard and brittle material components, and the polishing of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and alloy parts; titanium, tantalum, zirconium And other difficult-to-machine rare metal parts fine grinding and so on.
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