What are the Usages of Different types of Diamond Powder?

2022-11-15 14:48:07

Diamond powder refers to diamond particles with a particle size in 36/54 microns. It has the advantages of high hardness and high abrasion resistance. It is mainly used in production processes such as cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing. Diamond powder is usually divided into monocrystalline diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder. With the rapid development of nanotechnology, nano -grade diamond powder appears.

  1. The purpose of the single crystal diamond powder

The main usage of single crystal diamond powder is manufactured for electroplating products, sand wheels and mills. It is used for stone polishing, carving, automotive glass, furniture, ceramics, hard alloys, magnetic materials, etc.

The shape of the crystal diamond powder is a regular and complete six-eight-eight facial body. It has high strength, toughness and good thermal stability, strong resistance to impact, and widely used in manufacturing.

diamond abrasive powder

  1. The Usage of Polycrystal Diamond Powder

Polycrystalline diamond powder has important applications in the high -tech industry and traditional pillar industries. It is mainly used in chip optical crystals/ultra -fine processing, large silicon wafers super fine polishing, surface modification and other fields. Black, slightly metallic luster.

Polycrystalline diamonds are synthesized under the action of a transient strong shock wave formed by the explosion. It is a micron and sub -micronococcker composed of nano crystals. Due to the same sex, polycrystalline, there is no solution surface, impact resistance, and high bending strength. Therefore Materials are high and high -strength and high toughness. Its dual advantages constitute their physical properties.

  1. The Usageof nano diamond powder

Nano -grade diamond powder can be equipped with grinding paste and polishing fluid for super fine processing quartz, optical glass, semiconductor, alloy and metal surface.

Nano -grade diamond powder and unspecified carbon have a large comparison area, containing a variety of surface -oriented groups, and strong activity. It is used to prepare catalysts to improve the interaction of active data to promote organic compounds.

Nano-grade diamond powder can also prepare nano-composite structural materials. The nano -grade diamond powder compounds with nano -silicon powder, nano -ceramic and various nano metals, which can create new nano-structural materials. Because of its unique performance, semiconductor devices, integrated circuit components and microcomputer parts can be created.


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