The Application and Physical Characteristics of Synthetic Diamond

2022-10-12 10:23:10

Synthetic diamond is a high hardness abrasive. Its color marks the components of its impurities, with a variety of colors such as pale pink, yellow and white. It has good thermal conductivity and low heat expansion. Synthetic diamond grinding powder is mainly used for grinding hard alloy workpieces. Its price is relatively expensive, but such as a grinding wheel inlaid with diamond powder, and the two hard alloy surfaces of a thousand feet of machining can be used continuously for more than ten years, so it is appropriate in general. The addition of synthetic diamond powder is generally applied to make its grinding particles uniform and appropriately applied on the surface of the research tool. It is often used to make grinding paste with particle size W0.5 ~ W14.

diamond grit powder china

Synthetic diamonds can not only be processed into jewelery that is valuable, but also has great promise in all kinds of industries. It has high hardness and good abrasion resistance, and can be widely used for cutting, grinding, and drilling. Because of high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation, it can be used as a cooling board for semiconductor devices. It is also widely used in the electronics industry.

  • Make a resin -binding agent grinding or grinding.
  • Manufacturing metal binding agent grinders, ceramic binding agent grinders or grinding.
  • Manufacture general strata geological drilling drills, semiconductors and non -metallic materials cutting and processing tools.
  • Manufacturing hard ground geological drills, correction tools and non -metallic hard brittle materials processing tools.
  • Resin, ceramic binding agent grinding or grinding.
  • Metal binding agent grinders and electroplating products. Drilling tools or grinding.
  • Sawing, drilling and correction tools.


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