Introduction of Cube Boron Nitride

2022-12-06 13:59:57

Due to the excellent performance of cubic boron nitride, it can play a very important role in the field of material processing. At present, cubic boron nitride is mainly used as abrasive materials and tool materials.

Used as abrasive materials. Small particles of cubic boron nitride single crystals are mainly used as abrasive materials. Cube boron nitride grinding gear is used to bond the cubic boron nitride abrasives into products with a certain geometric shape with the role of a binding agent. Cube boron nitride can be divided into four categories: metal binding agent CBN mill, resin binding agent CBN abrasive gear, electroplating binding agent CBN abrasive gear, and ceramic binding agent CBN mill.

Cube-nitride grinding tools are mainly used for grinding processing, which can be used for machining of iron-based materials and processing of non-iron metal materials. The application range in the field of metal material processing is wider than diamond grinders. Cube-nitride grinding tools have good grinding performance for black metals, especially high hardness, high toughness, high strength and low heat conduction rate at high temperature, and their metal abrasion rate is 10 times that of diamond.

CBN-B20 huanghe whirlwind

Cube-nitride grinding tools are used for high-speed efficient grinding and polishing processing, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency. Its grinding accuracy is high, the sand wheel life is long, saving many auxiliary time such as sand wheel replacement, machine tool adjustment, and workpiece detection.

Used as a tool material. The appropriate granular CBN monocrystalline powder is used to make polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) by combining high-temperature and high-voltage sintering. The small crystal grains in the PCBN organization are disorderly arranged, uniform hardness, no directionability, and overcomes the shortcomings of CBN monocrystalline and the opposite sex.

There are three main types of PCBN knives: the first is the overall pure PCBN sashimi. The second is a composite tablet made of CBN as a wear-resistant layer and a hard alloy as the base layer. The ingredients, welding are welded with welding blades on the hard alloy matrix.

PCBN knives are particularly effective for the processing of iron metals and its alloys. They can not only be competent rough and stainless cars with hard steel, high -speed steel, cast iron and other materials. The high-speed cutting processing of processing materials is one of the best knives to achieve the grinding of the car.


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