The Features and Advantages of Diamond Micron Powder

2022-09-27 10:30:57

Diamond micron powder is the hardest abrasive known so far. It is used as the main grinding and polishing material for gemstone, glass, machinery, geology and other industries with high finish and related instruments and meters. The micropowder produced by our company has advanced preparation technology and high quality. Grinding is much higher than the diamond powder prepared by traditional methods. Synthetic diamond micropowder is a new type of super-hard abrasive, which is mainly used to manufacture tools used in the process of processing high-hardness and high-precision items in industrial production.

The main purpose of diamond micron powder

  • Directly use as abrasives and abrasive pastes made from micropowder for free grinding or polishing. It is widely used in the processing of metal materials and cemented carbide, ceramics and optical glass and instrument gemstones.
  • Diamond micropowder is widely used in the manufacture of fine grinding discs, ultra-fine grinding discs, electroplating abrasive tools, etc.
  • The diamond powder with a particle size of 54-0.25 microns is the main raw material for the manufacture of polycrystalline diamond sintered bodies or other diamond products (geology, oil drill cutting tools and wire drawing dies, etc.).
  • Diamond powder is plated on the surface of some workpieces to increase its wear resistance.

diamond micro powder china

The synthetic diamond powder of our company is divided into three categories:

  • Refined diamond powder is mostly used for fine grinding, grinding and polishing of hard alloys, non-metals (such as gems, ceramics, optical glass) and other high-hardness materials.
  • High-purity diamond micron powder is made of high-strength diamond, and the impurity content is less than 250pbm. It is used to process high-precision spare parts, instruments and machinery required by aerospace, aviation, electronics, petroleum, geology, military and other industrial sectors. For example: PCD composite sheets, chips, etc.
  • The high-quality diamond micron powder professionally produced for exporting stone tools is an ideal consumable for various high-grade stone tools.

    As a kind of super-hard abrasive, diamond micron powder has incomparably superior grinding ability, and is increasingly valued by various industrialized countries. The grinding ability of diamond micropowder includes the grinding ability of the workpiece and its own wear resistance and crush resistance, which depends on its microhardness, particle size, strength, particle shape, thermal stability and chemical stability.

    To sum up, the application of diamond micron powder as abrasive has three aspects:

    • Used in the manufacture of resin-bonded tools, metal-bonded tools and electroplating tools.
    • For fine grinding or polishing of various precision components in industry, science and medicine.
    • As a fine abrasive, it is used in mold processing, gemstone polishing, gemstone bearing processing and manufacturing.

    In addition to the application of diamond micropowder as abrasive materials, another major use is as functional materials. For example, using its thermal properties and electrical properties. A new material with improved thermal conductivity and reduced thermal expansion can be made by mixing diamond micropowder into thermosetting resin polymer, cellulose, phenolic resin or ceramic sheet. Mixing diamond micron powder into metal sheets, such as nickel sheets or stainless steel sheets, can be made into a new type of sheet material with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and light weight, which can be made into high-density and high-energy devices for thermal control in the electronics industry.

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