Applications of Diamond Micron Powder

2023-03-31 13:59:23

Diamond micro powder is a high-end material for various industrial fields. It has extremely high hardness and corrosion resistance, can maintain stability under high temperature and high voltage conditions, and has excellent conductive performance and thermal conductivity. The following is a common application of diamond micron powder:

Create hard alloy: diamond micron powder can be mixed with other metal materials to make hard alloys can be used to create tools with high wear resistance and commercial strength, such as commercial speed steel, cutting blade and gears.

Abrasives: Diamond micro powder can be used as abrasives, and various super-hard materials can be processed, such as glass, ceramics, quartz, etc., and can also be used in the field of metal processing, such as grinding and polishing high-precision electronic components, optical instruments and precision mechanical parts.

Electronic field: diamond micro powder can be used in high-tech products manufacturing in the electronics field, such as high-speed electronic circuits, high-voltage discharge pipes, semiconductor materials, as well as applications in the fields of solar plate processing and semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

Medical Device: diamond micron powder can also be used in the field of medical device manufacturing, such as artificial bones, dentures, etc.

Petroleum drilling: diamond micronpowder can be used to cut the oil layer of oil well drill bit.

diamond micron powder manufacturer

In short, diamond micro powder is a high-end material with excellent performance. It has a wide range of applications. It is expected to be applied in more fields in the future.


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