The Characteristics and Application of Cubic Boron Nitride

2023-03-22 14:34:09

Cube nitride crystal structure

Boron nitride -BN is composed of two atoms: nitrogen and boron. Nitrogen and boron atoms interact through different hybrid methods, which constitutes BN materials with different crystal structures, including: hexagonal boron nitride HBN, diamond -square boron -nitride RBN, fiber zinc ore nitride WBN, and the protagonist of this article – – Cube boron nitride: CBN. Under a certain temperature and pressure conditions, BNs of different crystal structures can also be transformed by phase change reactions. Cube boron nitride is synthesized by hexagonal boron -molaria and catalyst under high temperature and high pressure. It is another material that appears after the advent of the artificial diamond.

Cubic Boron Nitride powder

The characteristics and application of cubic boron nitride

Although the hardness of cubic boron nitride is more different from diamond, its chemical stability and thermal stability are better than diamond. In addition, it also has excellent antioxidant performance and thermal conductivity. Diamond mills can be processed or nickel at high temperature to produce graphitization and failure, but CBN can maintain sufficient high mechanical properties when processing.

Introduction to the synthesis method of cubic boron nitride

There are many synthesis methods for cubic boron nitride, and in principle, it can be divided into: high -voltage synthesis and low -voltage synthesis. The high -pressure method mainly includes static high -pressure method and impact compression method (explosion method); low -voltage synthesis method, that is, the Asian stabilization regional growth method, mainly includes gas deposition method and water heat method. The specific classification is shown in Figure 5. In this synthesis method, the most widely used is static high -pressure catalyst, followed by the explosion method and crystal temperature gradient method. The gas deposition method is mainly used for film growth.


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