Resin Bond Diamond Powder

Resin bond diamond powder is a super-hard diamond abrasive, which is mainly used to produce resin bond diamond grinding wheels. The boron-doped technology of Huanghe Whilrwind greatly improves the bonding strength of the diamond crystals, thereby increasing the crystal holding power. 


Resin bond diamond powder has excellent properties :
  • 1. First of all, it has a sharp cutting angle that maintains continuous and durable self-sharpening. Under a certain grinding force, single crystal particles are easy to break along the interface between subcrystals. After the separating of small worn subcrystals from the crystal particles, new irregularly shaped subcrystals form sharp edges on the crystal surface. Angle, rather than the entire particle shedding. This process will continue to occur until the particle is completely shedding from the bonding agent, so it exhibits extremely high grinding efficiency and abrasive utilization.
  • 2. Secondly, excellent surface finish. Due to the uniform brittleness, the machined surface will not produce scratches and burn marks.
  • 3. Third, long service life. Due to the presence of rough surfaces and concave angles and full utilization of abrasives, the crystal particles are very easy to be grasped by the bonding agent.
  • 4. In addition, the internal stress on the surface of the processed workpiece is small and the internal stress is evenly distributed, which greatly improves the service life of the workpiece.

Resin bond diamond provides high grinding performance and low grinding resistance, and is widely used in all dry and wet grinding fields to process hard materials. In most cases, the resin binder system is phenolic resin or polyimide resin. In special cases, special resin binders are also used. The addition of suitable additives will make the resin bond more widely applicable. The best fit between the resin bond and the abrasive is the key to precision grinding, high finish polishing and high grinding efficiency. Single crystal diamond particles have irregular shapes and rough concave surfaces. This kind of diamond has excellent quality of high grinding efficiency, long service life and high finish.

Applicable processing range of resin bond diamond :
  • 1. Cemented carbide: cutting and grinding tools, wire drawing dies, etc.
  • 2. Ceramics: silicon nitride, porcelain, alumina, silicon carbide, glass, etc.



Resin Bond Diamond Powder
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