Advantages of Lab-cultivating Diamond

2021-07-29 12:09:15

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds in all aspects, and their chemical, physical, atomic, optical, and all properties are the same as natural diamonds. Cultivated diamond is a kind of diamond produced by artificially simulating the crystallization characteristics of natural diamond.

1. Innovative technology

Laboratory grown diamond is a kind of diamond produced by simulating the environment required for natural diamond production in high-tech instruments. The diamond cultivation in the laboratory is jointly created by the best scientists, professional engineers and skilled technicians, and is the crystallization of human scientific and technological wisdom.

2. Good quality

On the premise of being environmentally friendly, the concept of cultivating diamonds in the laboratory does not give up the pursuit of quality and value. Although it was cultivated in a laboratory, it is still a real diamond. It uses the same grading standards as natural mineral diamonds and supplies the entire industry chain together with natural mineral diamonds.

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3. Environment-protecting

The cultivation of diamonds was created by the best scientists, professional engineers and skilled technicians, using only a moderate amount of electricity and raw materials, rather than destructive mining through large machinery. Avoiding the cruel reality brought about by natural diamond mining, including blood diamonds and conflict diamonds, child labor and human rights violations, depletion of natural resources and serious damage to the earth’s ecological environment, this is the peaceful thinking and green environmental protection concept of laboratory-growing diamonds. We are proud to provide consumers with new choices here.

4. Upstart resources

Experts predict that the most important invention of this century will be diamonds that will grow up. Cheap diamonds will replace the role of silicon in semiconductors and bring human technology into another world. At present, there are very few companies in the world that have R&D technology and laboratory-grown diamond production capacity. As a new resource of diamonds, laboratory cultivation will also become a hot spot for people to pursue.

5. Price advantage

Compared with natural diamonds, people can buy larger-sized and higher-quality labgrown diamonds at the same price, while laboratory-grown yellow diamonds are about one-seventh of the natural price. Laboratory-grown pink diamonds It is about one-thirtieth of the natural price and has a great price advantage.

The emergence of laboratory-grown diamonds has undoubtedly brought new choices to consumers. More avant-garde young people will consider cultivating diamonds when choosing diamond jewelry. Spend less money and buy larger and more beautiful diamonds, why not? Please leave us an inquiry if interested.


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