How Forging Cubic Synthetic Diamond Making Machine Helps in Lab Grown Diamond Production?

2021-06-28 12:07:29

Diamond, the hardest substance in nature, is an allotrope of carbon. It combines high hardness, optical transparency, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, high pressure resistance and weathering resistance. It is widely used in machining tools, optical materials, semiconductors, electronic devices, and jewelry.

Our country began to synthesize diamonds in 1963. At of the end of 2017, the synthetic diamond production of our country has accounted for more than 90% of the world’s total production, and the quality has reached international advanced levels in recent years. Our country’s achievements in the production and quality of synthetic diamonds are attributed to three major technological advances: the enlargement of the forging cubic synthetic diamond manufacturing machine, the quality of the cemented carbide top hammer, and the industrialization of powder catalyst and indirect heating technology (powder technology).

Forging Cubic Synthetic Diamond Making Machine china

Large-scale Forging HPHT Cubic Press & Hinged six-sided cylinder press with Chinese characteristics

Our country adopts three-axis presses forming 90°of each other. This type of six-side top presses rely on a hinged structure to carry the three-axis pressure. Hinged six-sided top press The development of the six-side top press is not only reflected in the increase in tonnage, but also in the structure of the cylinder, the accuracy of the whole machine and the control system. From the perspective of the cylinder structure, from the earliest flange support structure-through-bottom structure, to the bottom support-pocket bottom structure and double support structure gradually. From the perspective of accuracy, the centering accuracy of the press is controlled by the machining accuracy of the hinge beam and the assembly accuracy of the threading pin, which is dominated by the dimensional accuracy of the distance between the hinge beam lug axis and the working cylinder bore axis.

Huanghe Whirlwind is a professional hpht diamond machine manufacturer in China, which provides customers with high-precision and stable quality products with mechanical equipment represented by advanced Japanese five-sided processing machines, advanced technology and scientific management methods. Under the help our our synthetic diamond making machine, we have high lab grown diamond manual productivity and top lab grown diamond product quality. If in need, welcome to contact us to get a free quote or visit our factory.


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