Are Lab-grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

2021-06-09 12:08:13

Laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are both pure carbon components and exhibit the same cubic spar form. Professionals can use high-tech equipment to distinguish the difference between laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds, but they cannot do it with simple eyes.

What is the difference between laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

Both mined diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds are pure carbon components, which are converted into sparkling cubic spars. The new carbon equation material, although its chemical basis gives laboratory-grown diamonds the same optical properties as natural diamonds, there is no inherent rarity in laboratory-grown diamonds. Natural diamonds can only be formed after thousands of years, and their gleaming shape is formed by being squeezed deep in the earth’s crust. Because of this, all natural diamonds are eternally rare. In turn, the laboratory cultivates diamonds, which can be produced in unlimited quantities.

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Advantages of CVD diamond in the Semiconductor Field

The appearance and composition of CVD diamond are almost the same as natural diamond, and the physical and chemical properties are not much different. Under human eyes, there is no difference between the two. However, the main reason why CVD diamond is of high value is that it is cleaner and has almost no impurities compared with natural diamond.

The extremely high purity and the new carbon equation material make CVD diamond more possibilities in application than natural diamond. For example, due to its excellent electrical properties, diamond materials have now come to the fore in the semiconductor field. Diamond and c-BN (6.4eV), Ga2O3 (4.8eV), AIN (4.eV) and other materials have a band gap of about 5eV, which are both currently popular ultra-wide band gap semiconductor materials. Among them, the band gap of diamond is 5.47eV, which is a material with wide band gap among current elemental semiconductor materials.

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