Lab Grown Diamond Becomes More and More Popular

2021-06-03 12:08:59

Recently, Pandora, the world’s largest jeweller, said that it will no longer sell natural diamonds and turn to lab grown diamonds.

The production and formation of lab grown diamonds for sale

In the production workshop, the staff is putting the metal block with the seed crystal into the forging cubic synthetic diamond making machine, which is also called as hpht press. After working, it will simulate the growth environment of natural diamonds more than 100 kilometers underground. Under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, carbon is dissolved in a specific molten alloy and grows into diamonds with the seed crystal as the center. It can grow to about seven or eight carats after a week, the temperature is more than 1,400, and the pressure is 50,000 to 60,000. It is very stable under such high target conditions.

lab grown diamond price

Lab grown diamonds (Synthetic Diamonds) are currently in short supply

At present, Huanghe Whirlwind’s laboratory can cultivate more than ten carats of diamonds, but the price of such diamonds is high and the productivity is very small. Now the mostly produced diamonds are about three to six carats that will be about one to two carats after cutting and polishing. The supply of lab grown diamond exceeds demand. None of them are in stock.

In a store in Shanghai that specializes in lab grown diamonds, consumers come to try them on from time to time. Some come here to buy them after listening to a friend’s introduction, and some only know that lab grown man-made diamonds are available after shopping here. Synthetic diamonds are not imitation diamonds like Moissanite, but real diamonds that have the same molecular structure and the same appearance as natural diamonds.

lab grown diamond rings

Consumers buying lab grown diamonds show an increasing trend year by year

Basically, the consumers that buying lab grown diamonds are mainly young people. They are relatively more accepting of new things. As long as the products are made of high-value and fashionable, consumers are willing to pay. At present, this kind of money is generally less than 30,000 rmb, which is very easy to help young people realize this carat freedom.

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