What are the Industrial Usages of Lab Grown Diamonds?

2022-05-17 12:09:45

Lab grown diamonds not only have extremely high commercial value, but are also are widely used in all kinds of industrial industries. So what are the industrial usages of diamonds? Let’s talk about the extraordinary uses of diamonds in the industry.

1. The most common one is to use it as a glass knife. Lab grown diamond is the hardest substance in nature and can easily cut through glass.

2. Because of its extremely high hardness, some natural diamonds are often made into wire drawing dies, which are used to make copper wires of various thicknesses. For example, the fine copper wires in the wires in life are drawn with diamond eye dies. It is extremely practical in industry.

lab grown diamond china

3. Lab grown diamond is a very ideal optical material and semiconductor material. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high stability, low expansion coefficient, large band gap width, high breakdown voltage, and high carrier mobility.

4.The gyroscopes, laser metal mirrors, video recorder heads, copier drums and other items in the aviation industry have extremely high requirements on the smoothness and precision of the surface, and the characteristics of natural diamonds fully meet the above requirements, not only can produce natural The advanced diamond tools also make the ultra-precision mirror cutting technology flourish.

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