Brief Introduction of Whirlwind Diamond Powder

2021-11-19 12:09:21

Diamond powder is a new type of super-hard and ultra-fine abrasive formed by special processing and processing of synthetic diamond single crystals. It is an ideal raw material for grinding and polishing high-hardness materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics, gems, and optical glass. Diamond tools and other products are made of diamond, which are widely used in all kinds of industries.

Diamond powder is the hardest ultra-fine abrasive, which has been widely used in machinery, aerospace, optical instruments, glass, ceramics, electronics, petroleum, geology, military industry sectors, and it is an Ideal material for grinding and polishing cemented carbide ceramics, gems, optical glass, etc. Generally, 0-0.5 micron diamond powder to 6-12 micron diamond powder is used for polishing. 10-15 micron to 22-36 micron is used for grinding. The coarser 12-22 micron is used for fine grinding.

Diamond micron powder utilizes good toughness and can maintain high grinding force while not prone to scratches during the grinding and polishing process. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of various hard materials such as optical crystals, ceramics, and super-hard alloys.

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As a kind of super-hard abrasive, diamond micron powder has incomparably superior grinding ability, and has been paid more and more attention by developed countries in various industries. The grinding ability of diamond powder includes the ability to grind the workpiece and its own wear resistance and crush resistance, which depends on its micro-hardness, particle size, strength, particle shape, and thermal and chemical stability.

In summary, there are three main aspects of the application of diamond powder as an abrasive:

1. Used in the manufacture of resin bonding tools, metal bonding tools and electroplating tools;   

2. Used for fine grinding or polishing of various precision components in industry, science and medicine.

3. Used as a fine abrasive for mold processing, gemstone polishing, gemstone bearing processing and manufacturing.

In addition to the application of diamond powder as an abrasive material, another major application is to be used as a functional material. For example, use its thermal and electrical properties. By mixing diamond micropowder with thermosetting resin polymer, cellulose, phenolic resin or ceramic sheet, it can be made into a new material with improved thermal conductivity and reduced thermal expansion. Mixing diamond powder into metal sheets, such as nickel sheets or stainless steel sheets, can be made into new sheet materials with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and light weight. In the electronics industry, it can be made into high-density and high-energy devices for thermal control.

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