Applications of Laboratory Grown Diamond

2021-11-05 12:13:59

Our most intuitive feeling about diamonds (natural and lab gorown diamond) is that they are shining when used as jewelry, and as an investment product, it has high promotion value. In fact, less than 10% of the natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds mined globally every year are used as jewelry, and most of the remaining diamonds go to industry. Lab grown diamonds have always been favored by science and industry, which are widely used in fields such as optics, semiconductors, and petroleum exploration.

laboratory grown diamonds

Optical field: Lab grown diamond has high transmittance from X-ray to microwave throughout the entire waveband, and combines high hardness, high thermal conductivity, high chemical stability and low coefficient of expansion. It is an excellent optical material.

Semiconductor field: Lab grown diamond has large band gap width, high carrier mobility, high breakdown voltage and high thermal conductivity, making it an ideal semiconductor material. With the development of technology, the cost of man-made diamonds may be further reduced. For the diamond industry in the jewelry field, in the future,lab grown diamonds may impact the market price of diamonds, and even completely subvert the existing diamond market.

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