Introduction of CBN Powder(Cubic Boron Nitride)

2022-04-20 12:09:36

There are two kinds of cubic boron nitride, single crystal and polycrystalline sintered body. Single crystal is prepared by hexagonal boron nitride and catalyst in the range of pressure of 3000-8000 MPa and temperature of 800-1900℃. Typical catalyst materials are selected from alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, tin, lead, antimony and their nitrides. The crystal forms of cubic boron nitride include tetrahedral frustum, octahedron, distorted crystal and twin crystal. Commercially produced cubic boron nitride is available in black, amber and metallized surfaces, with particle sizes typically below 1 mm. It has better thermal stability than diamond and chemical inertness to iron group metals. It is used to manufacture abrasive tools, which are suitable for processing both hard and tough materials, such as high-speed steel, tool steel, die steel, bearing steel, nickel and Cobalt-based alloys, chilled cast iron, etc. When grinding steel with cubic boron nitride abrasive tools, most of the high grinding ratio and surface quality can be obtained.

The main preparation methods of cubic boron nitride polycrystalline sintered body are:

1.Use cubic boron nitride powder and a small amount of binder (such as cobalt, aluminum, titanium and titanium nitride, etc.), sintered at a pressure of 4000-8000 MPa and a temperature of 1300-1900℃.

2.Using cubic boron nitride micropowder and binder as a layer, and cemented carbide (sheet or powder) as a layer, sintering the two together under the above pressure and temperature to obtain a multi-layered cemented carbide substrate. Crystal sintered body, this sintered body has high strength while maintaining the original physical and chemical properties of cubic boron nitride. Bit for cutting hardened steel, cast iron and nickel alloys, etc.

CBN Powder

The grinding performance of cubic boron nitride abrasives is very good, not only can it be competent for the processing of difficult-to-grind materials, improve productivity, but also help to strictly control the shape and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and can effectively improve the grinding quality of the workpiece, significantly improve The surface integrity of the workpiece after grinding, thus improving the fatigue strength of the parts, prolonging the service life, and increasing the reliability. In addition, the production process of cubic boron nitride abrasive is better than ordinary abrasive production in terms of energy consumption and environmental pollution. Therefore, expanding the production and application of cubic boron nitride abrasive tools is an inevitable trend in the development of machinery industry. 1. Sharpening and rough grinding of tools containing tungsten, tungsten and molybdenum and other high-speed steels, especially vanadium alloy steel, cobalt alloy steel and special high-speed steel.

2. Fine grinding and final grinding of precision parts made of heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and high-hardness alloy structural steel. When these parts are used with ordinary grinding tools, high precision cannot be obtained because the grinding tools are worn out or dulled too quickly.

3. Grinding of various material parts sensitive to local thermal stress and thermal shock.

4. Fine grinding and final grinding of large precision workpieces (machine tool guide rails, high precision machine tool lead screws). These workpieces often cause large thermal deformation due to high grinding temperature, so that high precision cannot be obtained.

5. Fine grinding and final grinding of mass-produced workpieces (parts of instruments and miniature bearings) on automatic and semi-automatic machine tools.

6. Grinding of complex profile workpieces (gear shapers, broaches, high-precision gears, dies, punches) that require abrasives with good edge retention.

7. Profile grinding of thread tools and thread gauges (tap, thread roller, thread plug gauge, etc.).

8. Ultra-finishing of difficult-to-machine heat-resistant steel workpieces.

9. Grinding of other steel quenching tools.

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