What are the uses of nano-diamond micron powder?

2023-03-10 10:42:42

Diamond crystal has strong adsorption capacity. Under different chemical treatment conditions, diamond will form various functional groups on its surfaces.

In terms of performance, nano-diamond micron powder not only has small-sized effects, large ratio surface area effects, quantum size effects, etc., but also has the inherent characteristics of diamond.

Other uses of nano-diamond micron powder:

  • It can be used as a grinding slurry and polishing fluid to perform surface super fine processing on quartz, optical glass, semiconductor, alloy and metal.
  • It can prepare catalysts to promote interaction between organic compounds and improve active data. Because the nano -diamond and non -fixed carbon are larger than the surface area, there are more officials and more activity.
  • You can prepare new types of nano-structural materials. For example, nano diamonds are compounded with nano ceramics, nano-silicon powder, and various nano metals.
diamond micron powder china

In recent years, our country’s diamond tool manufacturing technology has continued to mature, and the demand for diamond micron powder in the domestic market has also increased. While the technological advancement of tool manufacturing, the technical requirements for the upstream diamond microflower industry are also getting higher and higher.

Diamond micron powder shows different characteristics due to different crystalline state and particle size. Diamond micro-powder in products such as knives, resin binding abrasives, metal binding products, grinding pastes and other products has different technical requirements. We can produce various specifications and performance diamond micron powder according to market demand and customer’s usage. Welcome to contact us for free inquiry at any time!


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