Introduction of Diamond

2023-03-01 14:33:56

What is diamond?

Diamond (mineral composed of pure carbon) in the simplest thing is the hardest material in nature in nature. His main component is graphite. The graphite can form diamonds under high temperature and high pressure.

The characteristics of diamond

Diamond is the hardest material found in nature at present, so it is very widely used in modern industry and life, such as industrial products, crafts, and cutting tools. Natural diamonds are also precious gems. Artificial diamonds are artificial synthesis. It is more suitable for applications to industry, saving costs, good quality artificial diamond purity is even higher than natural diamonds.

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Products made of diamond stone

As the hardest substance, diamond is brought great benefits by all industrial processing. People use diamond hardness characteristics to make different products, such as: diamond sand wheel, diamond blade, brushed diamond, diamond beef, abrasive diamond stone, and abrasive diamond stone, revisor diamond.


Make a resin -binding agent abrasive or grinding.

Manufacturing metal binding agent grinders, ceramic binding agent grinders or grinding.

Manufacture general strata geological drilling drills, semiconductors and non -metallic material cutting and processing tools.

Manufacture hard ground geological drills, correction tools and non -metallic hard brittle materials processing tools.

Resin, ceramic binding agent grinding or grinding.

Metal binding agent abrasive and electroplating products. Drilling tools or grinding.

Sawing cutting, drilling and correction tools.


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