Main Applications of CBN

2021-05-12 12:07:49

Compared with diamond, CBN has unique advantages, such as high thermal stability and chemical inertness with iron family elements. There are two main usages of CBN at present. One is to make abrasive tools, and the other is to make polycrystalline cubic boron nitride as a tool material. Therefore, CBN processing ferrous metal materials is unique, providing new processing tools for hard and tough iron-based materials that are difficult to process.

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The main applications of CBN are as follows:

1. Used as abrasive material. It can be used not only for the processing of iron-based materials, but also for the processing of non-ferrous metal materials.

2. Used as tool material. Generally, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is used for cutting tools. PcBN is a micropowder prepared from cBN single crystal by adding adhesives such as titanium carbide and cobalt, and then sintered at high pressure and high temperature using a six-sided top press. It is particularly effective for the processing of iron group metals and their alloys, especially suitable for high-speed cutting and dry cutting, and realizes the use of turning instead of grinding and milling instead of grinding, which greatly improves production efficiency.

3. Used as a functional material. High thermal conductivity cBN can be applied to optoelectronic functional devices.

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