Applications of CBN Powder

2022-03-24 12:08:47

Cubic boron nitride(CBN) plays an increasingly important role in the field of material processing due to its excellent properties. At present, CBN is mainly used as abrasives and cutting tools.

1. CBN abrasives

CBN abrasive is a tool that uses different types of bonding agents to bond CBN abrasives together and make them into a certain shape. It has a very high service life and is called semi-permanent abrasive. It can be divided into four categories: metal bond abrasives, resin bond abrasives, electroplating bond abrasives, and ceramic bond abrasives. Among these four kinds of abrasive tools, vitrified-bonded abrasives have the fastest development. Worldwide, the proportion of vitrified-bonded CBN abrasives has risen from 4% in the 1980s to more than 50% now, showing a rapid growth trend. This is because ceramic CBN abrasives have high grinding efficiency, good shape retention, high durability and easy dressing, and long service life of grinding wheels, making them the first choice for high-efficiency and high-precision grinding.

Cubic boron nitride(CBN) powder

The application field of CBN abrasive tools has been continuously expanded, and it has been extended to the processing of ordinary ferrous materials in industries such as bearings, automobiles, machine tools, and compressors. In the process of use, the coarse and fine grinding with large allowance is completed at one time, so that the surface of the ground workpiece is in a state of compressive stress, thereby increasing the service life of the workpiece by 20% to 30%, and comprehensively reducing the grinding cost by more than 10%. In recent years, domestic imported complete sets of CBN grinding technology have shown a rapid growth trend, and the manufacturing and application technology of domestic CBN grinding tools has entered a new stage of high level and rapid development.

2. Cubic Boron Nitride Insert(CBN & PCBN Insert)

PCBN is a polycrystalline material in which fine CBN materials are sintered together through bonding phases under high temperature and high pressure. The microscopic grains in its structure are disordered, with uniform hardness and no directionality, which overcomes the easy cleavage of single crystal CBN and Anisotropy, etc. Cubic boron nitride is synthesized from hexagonal boron nitride or HBN under high temperature and high pressure. Because of its unique structure and performance, it has been widely used in the grinding and processing industry, cast iron, powder metallurgy and other materials have significant effect. Huanghe Whirlwind is a professional cubic boron nitride(CBN ) manufacturer in China, and we can provide top quality products for worldwide customers. Contact us for free inquiry now!


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