Baisc Introduction of Metal powder

2023-02-01 10:53:27

The preparation and application of metal powder has a long history. In ancient times, gold, silver, copper, bronze and some oxide powder were used as color and decorative coatings for pottery, jewelry and other utensils. Metal powder is a loose substance, which comprehensively reflects the nature of the metal itself, the nature of a single particle, and the characteristics of the granularity. The performance of metal powder is generally divided into chemical properties, physical properties and process performance. Chemical properties refer to metal content and impurities.

The physical properties include the average particle size and particle size distribution of the powder, the surface and real density of the powder, the shape, surface shape, and internal micro structure of the particle. Processing performance is a comprehensive performance, including powder liquidity, accumulation density, vibration density, compression, moldability, and sintering dimensions. In addition, for some special purposes, powder also requires powder to have other chemical and physical properties, such as catalytic performance, electrochemical activity, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic properties, internal friction coefficients, etc.

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Preparation of metal powder

Restoration method: Oxygen in metal oxide powder is captured by the restoring agent, and metal is restored to powder.

Atomization method: The foaming metal atomized into a small droplet and coagulated into powder in the cooling medium.

Electrolytic method: The metal saline solution is transferred into a DC power, and the metal ions discharge and precipitate on the cathode to form a sedimentary layer of fragmented powder.

Mechanical crushing method: Broken the solid metal into powder is mainly through crushing, crushing and grinding.

Ben base method: some metal (iron, nickel, etc.) and carbon monoxide synthesized metal cymbal compounds, and then heated it to metal powder and carbon monoxide.

Direct chemical method: carbon, nitrogen, boron, and silicon are directly combined with difficulty melting metals at high temperatures.

Types and usages of metal powder

There are many types of metal powder in my country. Only single-quality elements include iron powder, nickel powder, copper powder, chromium powder, aluminum powder, tin powder, lead powder, silver powder. Powder, titanium powder, tungsten powder, pink powder, lead powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder, etc.

The purpose of metal powder

The iron powder for stripes and flame cutting processes

Spraying, spraying welding, melting welding

Ultra -fine aluminum powder for rocket solid fuel

Nickel, iron, and cobalt powder for catalysts

The clutch, tape, and photocopy are magnetic powder, such as iron conformity powder.


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